• Contemporary Artist Matias Di Carlo
  • Coming August 2024
Contemporary Artist Matias Di Carlo
Coming August 2024


"The Golden Chain" with Matias Di Carlo curated by Rachel Vancelette

Telluride, Colorado – The Telluride Arts District is proud to present "The Golden Chain," a solo exhibition by contemporary artist Matias Di Carlo opening September 28th, 2024 curated by international curator Rachel D. Vancelette. This solo exhibition offers an immersive journey through the profound connections between art, nature, and the quest for material transformation. "The Golden Chain" delves into the alchemical pursuit—a timeless quest for the transformation of materials. Di Carlo's sculptures serve as portals into a new realm, combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary innovation. His process provides a new transformative process resulting in unexpected discoveries inviting viewers to contemplate the eternal cycle of creation and destruction. 

The upcoming exhibition “The Golden Chain” will take place at Telluride Arts HQ Gallery West located at 224 W. Colorado Ave opening from 3-5pm on Thursday, August 29th. Open to Public.

The galleries are open 12-6pm, Thursday-Sunday in addition to by appointment.

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Artist Matias Di Carlo

Matías Augusto Di Carlo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1978. His Italian roots are imprinted with a long history in artistic iron smithery. Matias becomes the fourth generation to continue creating with metal and fire, taking it to the level of a sculptural language of his own. Since 2002 he lives and works in the province of Malaga, Spain and in his studio he creates small pieces to large scale commissions.

"The sculpture making process is a paradox that revolves in the exploration of Void through the manipulation of Materea; the dynamics of stretching the illusion of  Matter to its limit of collapse, until its true absolute existence is unveiled; the way in to the perception of new layers of reality.

It's Alchemy that you create but cannot control, and in this philosophy of making, form is born from intuition in the vast field of possibility; a question mark that explores the idea of an unlimited.

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Master Class with Matias Di Carlo at Steeprock Joinery

Coming soon! September 7th, 2024 at Steeprock Joinery. A handcrafted artist residency + think tank + film location built into the red cliffs of Telluride, Colorado. Steeprock Joinery is a residency and creative space on 70 acres, perched on the red rock cliffs high above the San Miguel River just west of Telluride.

Join renowned contemporary artist Matias Di Carlo for an exclusive Master Class, hosted by Steeprock Joinery and supported by INTROXPERT and Telluride Arts District, delving deep into the art of iron smithery.  Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1978, Matias hails from a family with deep Italian roots and a rich legacy in artistic iron smithery. As the fourth generation to carry on this esteemed tradition, Matias has elevated the craft to new heights, creating a unique sculptural language that transforms metal and fire into breathtaking works of art. In this Master Class, Matias will share his vast knowledge and expertise, guiding participants through the intricate techniques and creative processes that have defined his illustrious career. Whether you are a novice eager to learn or an experienced artist looking to refine your skills, this class offers a rare opportunity to learn from a true master of the craft.

More details coming soon!

Steeprock Joinery

Curator Rachel D. Vancelette

Rachel known for her global curation is recognized and remains part of the historical legacy of collector and gallerist Yvon Lambert in France during his time with New York & Paris art galleries along with her work launching Barbara Gladstone’s 21st Street Gallery. As a top art industry specialist her work and curatorial projects have appeared in numerous magazines globally such as Vanity Fair, Elle Decor, Robb Report, Colossal, LaStampa, NYPost, Whitehot, Metropolitan Magazine and TV outlets such as Good Day New York, FOX5, NY1, BBC London, BBCMexico with appearances on TV in China, Japan and Europe. Vancelette continues to investigate the ongoing conversations globally between art, fashion, and technological innovation as an art and technologist entrepreneur, art advisor, producer, creative director, and presenter.

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Telluride HQ Galleries

A space for contemporary art and community - a project of Telluride Arts District. This includes HQ Gallery East (220 W Colorado) and HQ Gallery West (224 W Colorado). The upcoming exhibition “The Golden Chain” will take place at HQ Gallery West.

The galleries are open 12-6pm, Thursday-Sunday in addition to by appointment.

The Telluride Arts District is dedicated to promoting creativity and cultural exchange, fostering an environment where artists and the community can thrive together. Through diverse programs and exhibitions, the district celebrates the transformative power of art.The Telluride Arts District is a geographic area that follows the boundaries of the Town of Telluride and contains a remarkable concentration of arts and cultural activity that engages artists from around the region and across the globe. The Arts District is a project of Telluride Arts, your local arts council since 1971.

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Telluride Film Festival | August 29, 2024 - September 2, 2024

Each Labor Day weekend, the tiny mountain village of Telluride, Colorado triples in size. Swells of passionate film enthusiasts flood the town for four days of total cinematic immersion, embarking on a viewing odyssey, blissfully spending entire days in flickering dark rooms. With only an appreciation of celluloid to guide them, these devotees flock to the show, year after year. Why? Blind faith. They don’t reveal the program until everyone lands in town. Yet the Telluride family trusts that a unique experience will unfold.

The Telluride Film Festival is not just a picture show. It is Tributes to luminaries who've propelled the medium forward; it is candid discussions with a film’s creator or the historian who champions it; it is discovering that the person in line behind you made the film you just enjoyed; it is engaging in lively debate with every manner of film lover in the summer sun of a Colorado afternoon, always minutes away from a new exhibition. 

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Exhibition Location:


224 W Colorado Ave right across from the Sheridan Hotel

Telluride | Colorado

BORN FROM FIRE by Matias Di Carlo

A number of powerful phenomena like voltage or frequency cannot be seen by the human eye. Our limited perception as human beings drifts us away from reality. Matias Di Carlo’s oeuvre is multidimensional, handling a truth split in layers - in his works every angle, edge or fold, in relation to the viewer, gives a different form, a different result. Several realities, different from each other, but completely linked to the same object.

Through his creations, the artist explores the dynamics between Void, Māteria and the perception of new layers of reality. For him, his work is a thinking process, and the pages and images in this book will unveil his catalogue of thoughts. Di Carlo has been able to combine the inspiration born in a vast and wild scenario such as the Andean valleys with the ancient techniques traditionally used to shape metals, in a kind of visual alchemy; an alphabet born from fire. 



Published by Snap Collective


Alchemy and The Unknown with Sculptor Matias Di Carlo | Episode 5 on YourHomeTV

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International Exhibition Schedule 2024

AUGUST 2024: Upcoming: Art Exhibition: Golden Chain with Contemporary Artist Matias Di Carlo | Opening during the Telluride Film Festival, Telluride Colorado August 29th-October 10th 2024.

MAY 2024: Art Exhibition titled Odyssée with Contemporary Artist Diane Detalle and Billy Zane curated by Rachel Vancelette. Neptune Gallery in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France. May 9-19th 2024 | FRANCE * Closed

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ODYSSÉE CATALOGUE | Diane Detalle & Billy Zane


LATEST PRESS: MAY 2024 | Odyssée with Contemporary Artist Diane Detalle and Billy Zane

As a curator, I aim to guide viewers through an immersive experience, where creativity takes center stage as a source of inspiration. The exhibition encourages contemplation and honors the historical celebration of the city of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat. The artists seeking profound connections with resonating themes of an internal voyage among the physical act of painting of today” notes Rachel Vancelette

NICE-MATIN | Exhibition Odyssée | https://www.nicematin.com/vie-locale/un-acteur-qui-a-joue-dans-titanic-expose-a-saint-jean-cap-ferrat-920860

DEADLINE https://deadline.com/2024/05/billy-zane-marlon-brando-photos-waltzing-with-brando-1235916942/amp/

PUREPEOPLE: Prince of Monaco visiting Saint Jean Cap Ferrat with our exhibition noted in the ceremony.

NICE MARTIN: BILLY ZANE CANNES FILM FESTIVAL| https://www.nicematin.com/cinema/naomi-campbell-faye-dunaway-anya-taylor-joy-judith-godreche-lincroyable-tapis-rouge-du-film-furiosa-de-george-miller-presente-au-festival-de-cannes-921393

MONTECARLO NEWS https://www.montecarlonews.it/2024/05/10/amp/argomenti/eventi-2/articolo/nel-cuore-di-saint-jean-cap-ferrat-la-mostra-degli-artisti-diane-detalle-e-billy-zane.html

COTE DA ZUR FRANCE https://cotedazurfrance.fr/en/offers/odyssee-exhibition-by-diane-detalle-and-billy-zane-saint-jean-cap-ferrat-en-4889482/

EXPLORE NICE COTE DA ZUR https://www.explorenicecotedazur.com/fiche/exposition-odyssee-de-diane-detalle-et-billy-zane/

FRANCENETINFO https://www.francenetinfos.com/diane-detalle-et-billy-zane-exposent-leurs-oeuvres-a-saint-jean-cap-ferrat-236140/